Here at Boxx, our mission is to make boxing accessible to everyone. It is so much more than just about movement. It is also about mindset. 

We believe in empowering self belief every single day.


We have developed 4 key values to live by and keep us on track.



We are here because we want people to experience the benefits of a boxing workout – there’s something about the way you feel when you are throwing those punches. You have no choice but to live in the moment. You can’t think about anything else apart from nailing those combinations. And, that feeling you get when you finish your workout, the feeling like you can conquer the world. 

We want everyone, everywhere to be given the opportunity to experience that feeling. The feeling that, when you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything!  

We believe good business balances profits with purpose. We believe this requires operating as a conscious business, where we not only consider the impact we have on the world but equally how we serve our community.

We’re always looking for opportunities to give back. We are especially interested in finding way to harness the power of fitness to enable disadvantaged young people to achieve more.


We’re proud to partner with The Outrunners, a charity who have a passion for running and use it as a tool to give back to young people in Hackney.

They help build young people’s confidence and skills through activities, including a youth running club, careers events, work experience and coaching.

We’ve been lucky enough to get involved with some of these activities and continue to look for new opportunities to support them and promote the great work they do.