A 45 minute sweat dripping class made up of 3 minute rounds of boxing and strength training paired with high energy music to motivate you all all the way through to the last round.

Your instructor will coach you through 3 minute rounds alternating between your own aqua bag and floor work where you will be guided through weighted exercises.

When on the aqua bags get ready for speed and power. When you are on the floor, expect to feel the fiyah with both compound and isolated moves.

Worried about getting hit? Never boxed before or new to exercise? Don’t worry we got you! Non contact boxing. Technique demonstrated. No experience necessary.


Our regular punch + flex class but for new mums wanting a slightly lower intensity workout. In addition to boxing and strength training there will be a focus on rebuilding core stability. Babies/toddlers welcome to all sessions but please bring their fave toys and a blanket/mat they can lie on. Prams welcome. Easy access. Please note that before attending a baby mama class you need to have been certified as fit to exercise by your doctor following your six-week check. 


A 45 minute Boxing cardio workout. Think bag work, partner work and speed drills. Basically it’s a class that is nuff fun, nuff sweaty plus will leave you feeling like Rocky and have you fist bumping everyone you see on your journey home!


get pumped

A 45 minute weighted strength session focusing on strengthening and toning your whole body. Think weights, supersets, reps, bands plus banging beats. You will finish off the class with a real good stretch to loosen up your tight and tired muscles to increase flexibility, mobility and to calm your mind.


A 45 minute weighted strength class. You will focus on your lower body (so Legs and Butt) using dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands. Expect to feel dat burn in your muscles then recover with a real good stretch. Strength training never sounded so good.


A 45 minute weighted strength session. The first 30 minutes is focused on strengthening and toning your full body. But then let’s keep it real everyone wants great abs (Uh Huh!) so the last 15 minutes will be spent entirely on your core. Get ready to put in the work because this class is, well, hardcore!



In this Slow Flow Vinyasa yoga class there will be fluid movement between postures but expect to hold each pose for that little bit longer allowing you to get deeper into that stretch. Each class is held in a dark, candle lit room with a soundtrack to soothe the soul from Alicia Keys to John Legend. This class is perfect for those new to the mat and well, those wanting to Be More Chill.


In this Yin Yoga style seated based class there will be lots of focus on your breath and stillness. Although a softer style of yoga suitable for all abilities expect some discomfort as you really will slow your roll and hold each posture for longer than you will be used to. But the benefits of Yin are so worth it! And don’t worry if all gets too much you can kick back and relax on your mat and just listen to the soulful vibes (we won’t judge).


45 minutes of dancing like nobody is watching. This high energy music driven class is for all abilities as it involves easy to follow dance routines to some seriously banging beats! This class is for you if you want to…Unleash. Let It Go. Cut Loose. (Disclaimer: in this class you will get fit, you will get sweaty and you will have fun!)