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Our boxing classes combine shadowboxing with HIIT. They require no bags, no pads and no ring. It’s just you, a pair of 1kg dumbbells (optional) and our expert instructors coaching you through a series of relentless rounds. 

Expect to be challenged mentally and physically: get that heart rate up, work up a sweat, get fitter, faster, have fun plus finish feeling like you can conquer the world!



Body weight and resistance training to strengthen the whole body.  You will find classes using just body weight, plus ones incorporating equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells and bands both will leave you feeling strong!





Variety of yoga styles and flows to suit your mood from relaxing to uplifting flows for morning, noon and night.  Pick a 7 minute class to calm your nerves or flow for an hour to find your zen.



We have 3 x 6 week workout plans included in your subscription. The plans are for those who are looking for guidance in helping them achieve specific goals:





Each plan includes your weekly workouts, so simply follow the relevant plan week by week to help you achieve your goals. All plans can be repeated if you wish to continue past the 6 weeks.

Also, included in your subscription is a jam packed nutrition plan, complete with menus, recipes and shopping lists. Which you can do in conjunction with one of our workout plans (above) as no matter what your fitness goals are, what you fuel your body with has a big impact on how your body performs.