We are all about the base. 
Powered by beats from
house to hiphop.

Boxing, Strength and Stretch. 
In these four walls we give
it our all.

We welcome inclusivity.
Not negativity. And just
real good vibes.

Punch it


Turn the lights down low. Turn the energy up.

Experience the transformative benefits of boxingwith 12 rounds of bag work + head to toe strength and conditioning.

Get ready to hustle hard.

Lift it


You can lift with us. Because let’s keep it real, weights on the gym floor is kinda boring.

Our strength classes focus on your full body, lower body and core. Think supersets, reps, bands and banging beats.

stretch it

Aannd stretch… the last 15 minutes of our HIIT and Strength classes are dedicated to loosening up your tight and tired muscles.

Why? Because who isn’t in need of a real good stretch?



First timer?

Everything you need to know + our intro offer.

Where we at?

unit 6/7 – marlborough
business centre

96 george lane (west)
london e18 1ad

Nearest tube – South Woodford (west exit) – 1 min


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