Breathe it all in, punch it all out.
Experience the transformative
benefits of a BoxxHIIT class.

When it comes to strength training,
we hustle hard. Sore today, strong
tomorrow kinda vibe.

New to the mat or yoga pro.
Unwind from the daily grind
with one of our yoga flows.


We are a fitness studio in South Woodford, East London. We are known for our sell out boxing classes but for those who like to mix it up, you will find something on the schedule for you too!

Not just great classes but rumour has it our team is pretty special too, from our super welcoming Front of House, who is there to greet you with a reassuring smile to our pretty amazing instructors who have a knack of putting you through your paces and giving you a damn good workout, whilst making you feel part of the Boxx Fam! We pride ourselves on being a small neighbourhood studio, that looks cool but all egos are left at the door. Everybody is welcome here! 


From our signature boxing class to our cardio, strength and yoga classes. Want to punch, sweat, lift, stretch? We got you.


Find out what classes are when and who is teaching what. Get yourself booked in.


From single classes, to class packs and memberships. Choose the option that best suits you.


Everything you need to know + our intro offer.



Turn the lights down low. Turn the energy up! A 45 minute sweat dripping class made up of alternate rounds of bag work and strength and conditioning paired with a high energy instructor to motivate you all the way through to the knockout round. Get ready and hustle hard. Never boxed before? Don’t worry no experience necessary. Non contact boxing.


A 45 minute weighted strength session focusing on strengthening and toning your body from head to toe. Think weights, supersets, reps, bands plus a banging playlist. You will finish off the class with a real good stretch to loosen up your tight and tired muscles to increase flexibility, mobility and to calm your mind.


A 45 minute weighted strength session. The first 30 minutes is focused on strengthening and toning your full body. But let’s keep it real, everyone wants great abs so the last 15 minutes will be spent entirely on your core. Get ready to put in the work because this class is, well, hardcore!


45 minutes of dancing like nobody is watching. This high energy music driven class is for all abilities as it involves easy to follow dance routines to some real good TUNES! This class is for you if you want to…Unleash. Let It Go. Cut Loose. (Disclaimer: in this class you will get fit, you will get sweaty and you will have fun!)


A high intensity interval full body circuit class. Work your way around different stations and end the class with a final finisher to leave you on a natural high! This class is nuff fun and nuff sweaty! If you like variety and to mix it up each week then this class is for you.


A 45 minute Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga class there will be fluid movement between postures but expect to hold each pose for that little bit longer allowing you to get deeper into that stretch. This class is perfect for those new to the mat and well, those wanting to Be More Chill.

PUNCH + FLEX (Baby Mama)

Our regular punch + flex class but for new mums wanting a slightly lower intensity workout. In addition to boxing and strength training there will be a focus on rebuilding core stability. Babies/toddlers welcome but please bring their fave toys and blanket/mat . Prams welcome. Easy access.

Where we at?

unit 6/7 – marlborough
business centre

96 george lane (west)
london e18 1ad

Nearest tube – South Woodford (west exit) – 1 min

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