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PUNCH + FLEX (Boxing)

A 30 minute sweat dripping class made up of 3 minute rounds of shadowboxing and strength training paired with a high energy instructor to motivate you all the way through to the knockout round. A pair of 1kg dumbbells are optional for this workout.


HIIT MIX (Cardio)

A high intensity interval training class. Work your way through different rounds and end the class with a final finisher to leave you on a natural high! This class is nuff fun and nuff sweaty! If you like variety and to mix it up each week then this class is for you! No equipment needed for this class.



DROP IT LOW (Strength)

A 30 minute strength class focusing on your Lower body (so Legs and Booty). Expect to feel da burn in your muscles then recover with a real good stretch. Strength training never sounded so good. This class incorporates a resistance band. A pair of dumbbells can be added if you want a tough workout (lower end 5-7kg and  higher end 10-15kg). 


HARDCORE (Strength)

A 30 minute strength session. Focused on strengthening and toning your core because let’s keep it real, everyone wants great abs (Uh Huh!). Get ready to put in the work because this class is, well, hardcore! No equipment needed for this class.




GET PUMPED (Strength)

A 30 minute strength session focusing on strengthening and toning your body from head to toe. Think weights, supersets and reps plus real good vibes.  This workout will incorporate a pair of dumbbells (lower end 5-7kg and  higher end 10-15kg). However most exercises can be performed with just body weight.



In this Slow Flow Vinyasa yoga class there will be fluid movement between postures but expect to hold each pose for that little bit longer allowing you to get deeper into that stretch. This class is perfect for those new to the mat and well, those wanting to Be More Chill. Ideally use a yoga mat.