2024 Ins and Outs: Fitness Edition

2024 Ins and Outs: Fitness Edition

January’s list season and we just couldn’t resist joining in the fun. Here’s what we want more and less of in 2024 : 


Fitness Vision Boards 🔮

Reformer Pilates

Workout buddies 🫶🏿

Comfy workout wardrobes 

Fist bumps and high fives 🤜🏽 🤛🏿

Remembering your Why 

Creating a home gym 

8 hours sleep 

Self-reflection 🪩

Healthy Habit Stacking

Varying your workout style 

Positive self talk 

Building an exercise routine

Reusable Water Bottles 💦

Eyeing yourself up in the mirror 

Exercise Psychology 

The 1% Rule 📈

Impressing yourself 




Relying on ‘motivation’ 

Choosing too-heavy dumbbells 🏋🏽‍♀️

Not showing up for yourself 

Trying to keep up with someone else’s pace 👀

Exercising when you’re sick 🤧

Always doing the same workout 

Expensive gym memberships 

“Self improvement” 🪦💀

New Year’s Resolutions

Forgetting to wash your hand wraps 🤢

Not tracking your workouts 

Being late to class (guilty) 

Smelly boxing gloves 🥊

Working out randomly / erratically 

Chasing P.Bs 

Swearing in the studio (oops!) 

Impressing your coach 


Did we miss any? Let us know what’s on your Fitness Ins and Outs list for 2024, in person at the Boxx studio or on our Instagram. Or did you make a different list entirely? What Ins and Outs lists are in your Notes pages…?

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