How to Cycle Sync Your Training

How to Cycle Sync Your Training

No menstrual cycle is the same (we’re women, not clocks!) But in honour of Women’s History Month, this March we’re diving into how the period cycle effects athletic performance. Join our Sync Your Cycle Programme to try 4 weeks of classes tailored to all 4 phases of your period cycle. This is your sign to tune into your body for one month and discover new ways to work with your periods to reach new personal bests. Available exclusively in the Boxx+ App!

Week 1️⃣ Exercising with Auntie Flo🩸

Days 1 – 7 ish

Welcome to the Menstrual phase of your cycle AKA surfing the crimson wave. 🏄🏼‍♀️ Hormone levels are at their lowest during the start of your cycle, so don’t worry if you’re energy levels are on the floor – as long as you’re not…

Feeling crampy? Don’t be too tempted to skip gym day. Research shows regular exercise reduces the amount of prostaglandin in the lining of your womb – that’s the hormone responsible for inflammation and muscle cramps. Plus, aerobic exercise pumps your body full of endorphins (nature’s painkillers) so instead of reaching for the paracetamol, see if you can reach the pilates mat instead. I promise you’ll feel better after!

Home workouts come into their own when you’re menstruating, as you can listen to your body and take the workout at your own speed. Plus you don’t have to worry about leaking – literally or emotionally.

When the body feels heavy, keep the movement light, with walking, jogging, swimming, yoga or pilates.

Week 2️⃣ Getting Funky in the Follicular

Days 7 – 14 ish

Last week (the bleed) was all about pilates and park walks. This week we’re getting high energy with HIIT workouts and badass Boxing.

Oestrogen – crowned the Queen of Hormones – is rising throughout this week, giving you a ‘can do’ attitude. Motivation to work out should be HIGH so you may find yourself itching to skip rest days.

The sexiest, sassiest hormone, oestrogen is associated with increased energy and increased learning and memory. So this is the best part of your cycle to treat your brain to a new boxing combination or try out some advanced HIIT variations for the first time 🤸🏾‍♂️

Another of oestrogen’s many effects is to help build muscle mass. Making this is the perfect week to add weights to your workouts 🏋🏽‍♀️

Try adding our Boxx Handweights to your next Boxxing workout – don’t be fooled by their adorable size! They may only weigh 1kg but over hundreds of punches that burn BUILDS baby. Available exclusively in the BoxxForm Bundle 😜

Week 3️⃣ Ovulation Stations

Days 14 – 17 ish

Many women think they ovulate on day 14 of the cycle, but 14 is just an average. Chances are you’ll ovulate at some point in this 3-5 day window. Consistently tracking your workouts with the Boxx+ App by following our Sync Your Cycle Plan will help you learn what average means for you.

Testosterone is highest during Ovulation, which makes it a great time to push for new personal bests. Oestrogen also has a protective function against muscle damage and reduces the inflammatory response. So pop those Punch Pods in and try and beat your punch per minute record – it’s now or never! (Or next month.)

Because Oestrogen is anabolic, it builds things up – like lean muscle mass! 💪🏾 So keep the strength training strong with Coach Stef and the full body workouts fiery with Coach Miranda.

You may even notice that your recovery time is shorter and the dreaded DOMS is reduced. Ovulation for the win!

Week 4️⃣ Lightwork in the Luteal

Days 17 – 28 ish

It’s goodbye to Oestrogen and hello to Progesterone! Nicknamed the Wednesday Adams of hormones, so much Progesterone can make you feel a bit… strange. The mystical powers of Progesterone can manifest as low energy, mood swings, brain fog and irritability. OR as a state of deep reflection, calm and better sleep 🧘🏾‍♀️🔮

Do you know what the biggest difference between men’s and women’s bodies is when it comes to exercise? This little known fitness fact may well blow your mind:

Women cannot gain as much muscle as men naturally, because for about 2 weeks out of every cycle, the menstruating female body has high levels of Progesterone – a catabolic which breaks muscle down.

According to Dr.Stacy Sims, this means that when progesterone peaks in the second half of your cycle. it’s completely counterintuitive to try and build a lot of lean mass. Not only are you going to have to work harder, you’re also going to have to eat a lot more protein.

Your basal body temperature is higher during this period by at least 0.4 celsius! Which means endurance can drop compared to the first half of your cycle. The key thing is not to judge yourself if your workout feels harder usual. It’s not your fitness or your motivation failing you, it’s just that time of the month. So be kind.

To maximise your results and your endocrine health, keep it light in the Luteal Phase. Focus on finding your form and make space for stretching. It’s exactly what our brand new range of FORM workouts were made for!


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