Boxing Club Rules: The Do's and Don'ts for Your First Boxing Class

Boxing Club Rules: The Do's and Don'ts for Your First Boxing Class

What happens in Boxxing Club stays in Boxxing club – but that doesn’t mean we can’t still bring our best selves to the studio. From what to wear to how to treat your coaches and fellow boxing club crew, we’ve got you covered. If you’re like me and you hate rules, don’t sweati t. This is not a strict set of guidelines to follow, it’s more about fostering a workout environment that’s welcoming and comfortable for everyone. 

Whether you’ve never been to an IRL boxing class before, or you want a quick reminder on which essentials to bring, consider this you’re definitive guide dipping your toe in the water – or diving in headfirst! 

Respect the Clock: Early is On Time 

No one wants to get to class out of breath and sweaty –  that’s how you want to be leaving. We recommend arriving at least five to ten minutes before your class is due to start for maximum gains and minimum stress. Not only will this ensure your class can start on time and without interruption, it’ll also give you a chance to fill up your water bottle, tighten your laces and catch up with classmates – or shake off whatever you were doing before and get into the zone. It’s also a great opportunity to chat to your coach beforehand if you have any past injuries or accessibility requirements you’d like to make them aware of, or just to say hi!

What to Wear: Comfort is Key 

Wear whatever workout gear you’re comfortable sweating in, because trust me, no matter what workout fit you choose it will be wet by the end of the session. Bamboo fabric is especially great at wicking away sweat as it’s highly absorbent and has antimicrobial properties to tackle both moisture and odour, so you can feel fly while your fists fly. Trainers are required for all classes except our Recovery classes – because your feet want that bounce, baby! It’s also key to make sure that your clothes give you a full range of motion – we don’t want anything getting in the way of those uppercuts or lunges. Feel free to bring a spare change of clothes to get into afterwards (that’s what the changing room and lockers are for!)  I don’t know about you, but I love a heavyweight hoodie to pull on after a workout – it’s crazy how quickly a hot sweat can turn to cold chills when you step outside in this Winter weather.  

Brush Up on Your Boxing Terms 

What’s the difference between a hook and an uppercut? Do your arms know what to do when your coach starts calling ‘Straights!’ It can sound like another language but don’t let the lingo put you off – there’s only a few key terms and they’re all so common sense that you’ll instinctively know how to respond to them in no time. For maximum confidence, why not browse our list of the 10 best boxing terms to brush up on before your class. But all our classes are beginner friendly, so if you hear a word you’re not familiar with, don’t be shy to ask – that’s what the coaches are there for! They’re more than happy to explain the difference between a jab and a cross – a demonstration is worth a hundred words. 

What Basics to Bring

Hey, it’s not a fun day out if you’ve not got a kit list! Whilst these aren’t mandatory (apart from the trainers) this is everything I pack in my trusty gym bag before every boxing class:

  • Reusable water bottle (fill up stations at the studio
  • A towel to mop up the sweat
  • Boxing gloves (duh)
  • Hand wraps
  • Spare hairbands (hey, you can’t punch with a loose ponytail)
  • Apple cider vinegar spray (for them sweaty gloves)
  • A protein-packed snack
  • My staple hoodie and hat

I like to leave my phone in my gym bag. Our studio spaces are no phone zones so that everyone can stay in a focused headspace and move in the moment, rather than worrying about getting memed or tagged in the middle of a kickass combination. 

Trust Your Instructor 

Have you met our Boxx+ trainers? Whether they’re coaching you through your phone screen or in the studio face to face, they know what they’re doing. From former professional boxers and full-time personal trainers to fitness consultants and gym-fluencers – they’re all professionally qualified athletes and coaches with years of training under their belts and boxing gloves. It’s easy to tune out what someone’s saying when the music’s pumping, your blood’s pumping, the adrenaline’s pumping – but to really squeeze the most out of your boxing classes, it’s important to listen to your trainer’s comments on form, technique and safety. They know what they’re talking about and they’re there to make you feel strong and keep you safe. Feel free to express your gratitude and let your coach know what a great job they did at the end of the session – whether that’s with a high-five, an Instagram story shout out or leaving a lil review. A little love goes a long way! 

Love Thy Neighbour 

Now, I’m not saying ‘cleanliness is close to Godliness’ but everybody appreciates good hygiene when you’re all huffing and puffing together in a small space. It can be satisfying to feel your own sweat – but that doesn’t mean you want to feel everyone else’s. Now I know I sweat a lot – and I mean like, a lot – and I’m proud of it! Studies suggest that how much and how readily you sweat is an indicator of cardiovascular fitness – the faster you break out in a sweat, the fitter you are. But this means I always bring a towel to boxing class so I can keep my sweat to myself and wipe it up afterwards – sweat it out, wipe it up. And if your boxing gloves are starting to smell like something died in them? It’s time to give them a refresh. (I swear by an apple cider vinegar spray to keep my boxing gloves feeling fresh, which is cheap and easy to make at home.) 

Respect the Boxxing Club Fam 

Let’s not forget personal space – boxing may be a ‘close combat’ sport but it’s still important to be mindful of our bodies in space and to give everyone room to do their thing. We don’t spar in our sessions at Boxx Studio, it’s all about the golden trio: bag-work, pad-work and mat-work. So make sure you leave everyone enough space to move, and try not to hog the mirrors (it’s difficult, I know) we all want to check our cheeky pump  I mean, check our form. However much you might feel like cursing, try to take it easy on the swear words – we’ve got the next generation of young boxers training at our studio. It’s not our job to teach kids their first swear words (that’s what parents are for!)  


Oh and one more thing… fist bumps are obligatory 🤜🏽 🤛🏿

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