Exercising on holiday?

Exercising on holiday?

Holidays are a great time to relax and unwind, and can come with a change in scenery and routine. With any changes, keeping our exercise routine can be challenging, and for some people the words “holiday” and “exercise” just don’t go together! But if you want to maintain your routine or find a way to incorporate a little more exercise into your holiday, here are some tips:

  1. Think of ‘movement’ – rather than trying to increase your fitness, consider how you can incorporate movement into your day to take care of both your mind and body. Maybe a walk in fresh air after a flight will support your mind. Also remember that if you are increasing your daily steps by walking the tourist routes, this counts as a form of movement. So when you can, why not opt for the scenic walking routes?
  2. Preparation is key. Pack a set of workout clothes and shoes, even if you are unsure you will use them. Having your ‘tools of the trade’ with you will promote the likelihood of movement.
  1. See what works for you – If you don’t want to exercise while on holiday, practice acceptance when you return home to your regular routine, as it might be a little difficult to start with. If you do want to exercise while on holiday this is also okay! If this promotes your mind and body, and enhances your holiday experience, it’s time well spent.
  2. If you usually do not exercise while on holidays but are curious, try it on your next one and see what happens. You could take your Boxx punch pods with you and try some Boxx+ sessions. Explore how it made you feel and if it added value to your holiday time.
  3. Try something different and make it a part of your holiday. Never played Tennis but have access to the facilities? Time to try it! Even if you never play again, you might create some fun holiday memories.
  1. Try “same same but different” – maybe you spot a boxing studio where you are holidaying – try it out! You’ll be familiar with the movement but attending at a new place will be a novel experience.
  2. Track lightly – different time zones, beds, and food are just some of the things that may influence your workouts while on holiday. So, keep in mind that if you aren’t pumping out personal bests while you’re away, that is perfectly okay! It can still be useful to track your workouts on holidays – this can give you valuable info into how different factors influence your workouts. For example, time zone changes may make you feel fatigued and might require you to decrease the intensity of your workouts. In contrast, some extra hours sleep (from those sleep ins!) and decreased stress could increase the quality of your workouts. You can also use this information when you return home, to make some changes and get the most out of your regular workouts.

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