10 Prompts For Your End of Year Reflection: Exercise Edition

10 Prompts For Your End of Year Reflection: Exercise Edition

Let’s take a moment to look back on your biggest moments, memories and milestones of 2023. Bask in the glow of the year just gone, and use your knew light of self-knowledge to shine a torch on 2024 and get pumped for what’s to come. Making 2024 your strongest year yet starts here:

Choose three words that describe your relationship with exercise and movement over the past year: 

Here are some of ours if you need a place to start: flexible, fun, determined good vibes, consistent, playful, adaptable, sociable, mindful, aspirational… 


What are you most proud of achieving with your body in 2023? 

Whether it was finally being able to open that pesky jar of pickles, doing your first full body pushup without collapsing, or hitting a P.B on your Punch Pods – take a moment to bask in the glow of your own awesomeness and give yourself a pat on the back.


What was your FAVOURITE workout of the year?

Was it yoga on the beach, a quick core workout in the living room, a run through your local park, or an endorphin crazy BoxxPUMP class at our studio? Which workout gave you the most energy and joy of 2023? 


What is an exciting new thing you’ve discovered about yourself through exercise year?  

That extra 15 seconds you can push yourself at the end of a workout? The number of straight punches you can throw in one minute? That you prefer working out alone or with a partner? A specific motivational mantra that can get you through a tough session? 


Who has influenced you the most in 2023? 

We live in an era of influencers – but who influences you the most on a day to day basis? 


What was one thing you weren’t able to accomplish this year? 

Shit happens. This isn’t about beating up yourself or anyone else (that’s what punchbags are for!) Note it down, so you can let it go (or create a new plan to achieve it this year.)


What was your biggest obstacle to exercising in 2023?

We’re not playing the blame game here, try and note down your biggest obstacles and challenges without judgement, whether it was scrolling on your phone or a jam-packed social calendar. This is a chance to see what your biggest blockers are (any patterns?)


What are 3 fitness related goals you’d like to achieve in 2024? 

Remember, keep your goals SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound. I think ACHIEVABLE is the most important word here – I’m not aiming to run a marathon, but I am aiming to go for a jog once a week, however small. Wednesday 1k here I come! 


What is one thing you could do next year to make more space for movement in your life? 

Whether it’s asking someone else to cook dinner, or saying ‘NO’ more, how can you make more time for you?  


What is one new thing you’re keen to try or learn in 2024?

Curious about kickboxing? Always wanted to know what the Reformer Pilates hype is all about? This is your year to move outside the Boxx.

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